California Driver License Smartphone App

Smartphone app of the Spanish version of the California Driver License for constituents under AB60. Most of the applicants under AB 60 are illiterate. This audiobook allows applicants to take an oral exam that is offered by DMV. Included as well, Spanish speakers will learn to read as text highlights and the narrator reads aloud.

This app for public consumption was an exciting challenge. I understood prior to making the app the high number of its consumers are technically illiterate and they were mostly on affordable Android devices.

Materials provided for the project:
HTML files and/or PDF
MP3 audio files

Required app features and functions:

  • Splash screen
  • Table of contents
  • Synchronized (highlighted text + audio) per paragraph
  • Reflow text (with adjustable text size) Scrolling page is fair
  • GUI: Stock Android theme (Holo)
  • Meets Google Play app submission requirements

Each line will take the listener to that section and the app will begin to automatically play the audio for that section of the book.

Screenshot of source material, HTML formatted website online shows the text-only book:

Screenshot of initial planning for the Graphical User Interface. Also demonstrated is the organization of chapters and subheadings:

Screenshot of the app actively published in the Google Play Store with 1,000-5,000 installs within the first month and 4 star satisfaction: