Javascript engine

So in web news, the go language is being used to parse php. What’s this mean?

A. The nebulous entity in the quest to impose javascript to web developers can not only infiltrate the PHP/apache team. With that said, it makes sense to make a separate engine to parse PHP.
B. With go language being the parser, PHP is at the hands of major js promoters (ie google).
C. The js promoters have a history of nosy and stalkish behavior on the web (via share buttons, analytics and the privacy-free android operating system).
D. The server that is voluntarily infiltrated with js is no longer private.
E. PHP projects are no longer private.

The bottom line has been to make javascript the back-end and front end language of choice.

A second post will spotlight how php programmers are influenced by ‘public polls’ of ‘desired PHP features’ and answers mostly being what ‘js already has built in’.

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