Save A Rescue Contest Plugin


This online app supports the mission to help dog/cat lovers discover rescue organizations.


Design a contest ~ to get all the Rescues & Shelters to enter and ‘pit’ against each other. The contest shall be launched on the company’s official homepage.

Requirements & Expectations

  1. Use existing website architecture, to program the contest as a WordPress plugin.
  2. Rescues & Shelters begin participation as ‘contestant’ using an online form to submit their entry in its entirety consisting of contact details, short essay and organization logo.
  3. Equip contestants to share their entry with a personalized link through several social media outlets.
  4. Contain the entire contest into a single landing page for contestants and voters.
  5. Show the Rescues/Shelters that have signed up for the contest & how many votes they have every day.
  6. Clean
  7. Powerful
  8. Modern

My Solution

  • Used existing website architecture, I programmed the WordPress plugin in procedual form.
  • Public form collects contestant’s contact details and allows the upload of a logo/image; if no image is provided, one image is chosen automatically for the contestant from five predetermined images.
  • Each contestant entry is submitted to the website as ‘pending’ and then the contestant can share through Email, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and Google.
  • The contest landing page features from top to bottom:
    • Save A Rescue Logo
    • Facebook Like Button for Save A Rescue Official Facebook Page
    • ‘Contest’ Banner
    • The contest’s featured image (configured from WordPress back-end)
    • Social Media buttons
    • Contestant entry form
    • Numeric tabs for navigating through all entries (max 40 per page)
    • The participating contestants with number of existing votes and a vote button
    • Footer showing contest sponsor, official rules and LUCS plug (all configurable in the WordPress back-end)
    • Facebook Like button for the current contest
  • Cookieless measure for preventing vote manipulation
  • Mobile-first design (responsive) ~ screen resolutions >1600px

Original Contest

The original contest was a simple form.

New Contest Plugin

My custom plugin was interactive by displaying up to the minute votes. The plugin further allowed multiple contests to be created as needed.