The Mansion

An unfair look at the products presented at the Apple Special Event of September 2015.

iPad Pro. One step closer to converging desktop and mobile devices?

tvOS. Can musicians create an iOS app containing a music album?

How can the music industry be impacted?

How does copyright play part?

Does the musician receive 100% profit in this scenario along with Apple?

Can indie movie producers push movies through tvOS apps? What is the response from Comcast, Sony and CBS?

In both music and video scenarios, Indie artists and amateur producers have the method to distribute their original content to a global audience without regard or consideration about country restrictions. Although, pioneers such as Comcast, Sony, CBS etc. hold valuable assets such as actors and actresses, indie artists can match primetime television quality.

More questions to consider:

Is an album app competing with Apple’s music service on the same device (contradiction).

What about the cost of keeping the movie/music app updated for newer versions of iOS?

How does microdata play any part in Technology while Siri AI can recognize and search for all kinds of content and information, again: can Google play in this?.

Suppose for a moment that opening apps on a television will replace a web browser (airBNB, clothes shopping apps).

Siri, meet Sherlock search engine.

Games, complementing game consoles Nintendo, xbox, Wii etc.?

How can tvOS assist social? Game Center? Sharing?

Orchestrated Story #1

Microsoft says to his son, The Surface Pro to stay at home while Dad goes to a work meeting.

A Mansion houses roommates Apple, Timer Warner, Sony, CBS Corporation, 21st Century Fox, Viacom, The Walt Disney Company, and Comcast.

Under the roommate’s watch is a delightful library and a fashion center for shopping. The courts for sport have Crossy Road, GuitarHero and more.

Commonly, viewers such as myself and you view through a “Window” at the theatrical plays composed by the roommates.

Apple creates a gatekeeper (tvOS) and hires a butler (Siri). The Mansion is open to the world to host audio/video performances, books, sports etc.

The roommates get nervous at the thought of being displaced. Comcast calls up his buddy NBC Universal.

The city takes note of the utility pipes (APIs) that pave way into The Mansion.

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