Theme from scratch vs WP-Types Toolset

TLDR; Find someone to make a wordpress theme for you from scratch.

Boss told me to make the website entirely with Toolset. I did. Here was the result:


Load time: 1.95s
Memory: ~58MB
SQL Queries: 93

The original load time was actually 3-4seconds! The 2seconds here is after I turned off some toolset features.


Took a weekend to make the wordpress theme from scratch, including the custom post types, for loops making the sql queries, the image slider carousel using slick.js (which is awesome BTW, check it out). Because I also dropped the css bootstrap framework, the CSS filesizes were significantly lower too.
If I remember correctly: the wp-types toolset plugin’s slider (we used for the carousel) would make the image files on the fly for each pageload! We were getting out of memory issues on a shared hosting plan!

Load time: 0.62s (hello mobile users!)
Memory: ~25MB
SQL Queries: 40

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